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Love God. Love Others. Make Disciples.

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Jorge and Dahlia Vasquez

Pastor Jorge and Dahlia Vasquez are the leading pastors of Agape Baptist Church. They have five beautiful daughters: Lily, Olivia, Chloe, Ava, and Scarlet.

Evangelism is telling people about God’s grace; discipleship is helping them to walk in it! Evangelism is our call to share our faith with our neighbors, friends, family, be it as small as a one-on-one talk with a co-worker or as large as in crusades or revivals. Agape Baptist Church has always emphasized evangelism through pastors’ sermons, methods to use to reach people for Christ.


Prayer is essential part to reach the 3 billion unreached souls for Jesus Christ. We pray for more workers, more resources, and for the Holy Spirit to bring conviction and salvation. Prayer is a critical part of the evangelism ministry. The most important factor in evangelism is prayer. In every great awakening in the history of God’ church, from the time of the Apostles until today, has been the might hand of God, as a result of prayer.

Agape Baptist Church can no longer open the doors and expect that people will come in, therefore, several outreach community events are planned throughout the year. Some of the ways our congregation’s spiritual presence is beyond the church walls is through the Back to School Bash, Health Fair, Fall Harvest, Resurrection Sunday Picnic, AWANA, and VBS.  Agape Baptist Church also had a week-end tent revival in an effort to reach our church community.  Agape Baptist Church also provide unbiased immigration information from a Christian perspective using the ISAAC program where two of our church members received training to provide support on immigration issues and topics to a mission field that has come to our church.

Agape Baptist Church has also supported several missionaries during these past 25 years.  Some of our student missionaries our church has helped are: Emanuel Roldan, Janiece Cantu, and April Arredondo – missionary students to U.T.S. A., Naomi Jiménez- missionary to Japan and Philippines, Estafina Otzuca- missionary to Japan, and Johnathan Garcia and family- missionary to the Jewish people in Ukraine. Agape Baptist Church also made a three-year commitment to minister to the indigenous Indians in the Oaxaca area of Mexico.


At the present time, the church is working toward creating a church culture of evangelism where the congregation see evangelism as a discipline. Spiritual disciplines, such as prayer, Bible study, and gathering as the body of Christ, are essential, but so is evangelism. It is the responsibility of every born-again believer. The Spanish women ministry is finishing up the book study, “El Verdadero Discipulado y su impacto in la Iglesia”,where emphasis is in creating a church culture of evangelism in our church. Never to lose the evangelistic fervor in the year to come and were all church members are encouraged to share their faith in Jesus Christ. 


The commandment Jesus Christ gave this church was to go! Agape Baptist Church has worked to fulfill that commission Jesus gave His church. Efforts have been planned locally and to the others parts of the earth. We ask that you pray for Agape Baptist Church to send out workers into His fields for harvest of souls. We, after-all, are not the producers of the crop, nor do we bear the responsibility of producing a successful harvest for Jesus Christ.